Welsh holly record bow


Draw weight 104 lbs @ 30"

Bow dimensions as follows:-

Centre section - 36mm wide x 33mm deep, 79.5 " nock to nock

Cow horn side nocks - 1/2" diameter at the base, 1 1/2" internal cone

Specific gravity of the wood 0.75

Finished with linseed oil, rosin and bees wax

Tiller to full compass


British henp 60 strand 3-ply string, bees wax, 4mm diameter

Linen serving


In the ‘Calendar of Patent Roles’ of 1396 – 1399, the Welsh marcher castle armoury of Chirk listed missile weapons of “divers bows of yew, holly, part of 2 catapults, arrows and cross-bows of no value”  This document puts holly, yew and wych elm as bow woods categorically used in Wales in the middle ages.


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Roughed out stave


Finished bow


the same profile

with little set


Fallow deer

antler side nocks

holly full draw