Archery Tackle

“Of the making of the bow, I will not greatly meddle, lest I should seem to enter into another man's occupation, which I can no skill of. Yet I would desire all bowyers to season their staves well, to work them and sink them well, to give them heats convenient, and tillerings plenty.” Roger Ascham 1545

  Square or rectangular Elliptical or ogival   Victorian 'D' Section

bow sections
MR nocks

(Left) The variation between the bottom two Mary Rose arrow nock widths is clear but all have a good depth of around 1/4", "for surer nocking" as Ascham writes.
In battle a miss-nocked arrow could be a fatal mistake
(Below) A hemp bowstring's timber hitch or bowyers knot on a horn side-nock. Notice how the string is reinforced with extra strands at this high stress area to a thickness of 1/4"

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