Haf Weekend Shoot 2017

Warbow Wales Haf Shoot 2017 – held on 15th July & 16th of July at Westwood Farm, Monmouthshire
Photography by kind permission of Gary Williamson and Leafy
Warbow Wales would again like to thank its kind benefactor, Mr. Brian Lee, for generously letting us shoot and camp there and his wife Ruth for the delicious soup and bread.

Friday evening flightshoot
After pitching up a few archers took advantage of the pleasant evening to launch a few battle shafts with traditional bows and strings. Friday evening turned out to the pick of the weather conditions for flight shooting in a sport where it is such a factor.
Westminster Abbey Arrow
A.Aston Italian Yew [email protected] (hemp) 258 yards*
A. Aston English Ash [email protected] (hemp) 249 yards*
J. Spencer Wild cherry [email protected] (hemp) 212 yards*
Lyverye Arrow
A. Aston English Ash [email protected] (hemp) 235 yards*
J. Spencer Wild cherry [email protected] (hemp) 206 yards*

*New distance achievement for wood type

Saturday field course and flight shoot
A challenging and interesting course of 3D animals was laid out and both light and heavy longbows/ladies and gents competed against each other in an open group. Woodland, open spaces and ponds were utilised to locate medieval quarry I their natural environment. After 2 rounds Ian Staines, again the master of the hunt, came out on top with a very impressive score.
Later in the early evening after the field shoot, the archers had another chance to better their personal best. In a challenging side wind and slightly uphill some impressive distances where shot.

Westminster Abbey Arrow
A. Aston Italian Yew [email protected] (hemp) 238 yards
A. Aston English Ash [email protected] (hemp) 224 yards
J. Gibbs Wych Elm 110lbs (linen) 210 yards
P. Mathews Wych Elm 110lbs (linen) 185 yards
W. Sherman Italian Yew [email protected] (hemp) 176 yards
S. Svenkerud Yew 110lbs (linen) 162 yards

Lyverye Arrow
J. Gibbs Italian Yew [email protected] (hemp) 245 yards
A. Aston English Ash [email protected] (hemp) 207 yards

Standard Arrow (shot with any longbow and string)
J. Gibbs Yew 179lbs 260 yards
A. Aston laminate 140lbs 253 yards
H. Droste Yew 120lbs 240 yards
J. Spencer Laminate 110lbs 233 yards
J. Gibbs Ash 150lbs 221 yards
H. Droste Yew 130lbs 197 yards
W. Sherman Ash 150lbs 192 yards
I. Staine Yew 96lbs 154 yards

Sunday Roving marks
Luckily, with more pleasant weather the assembled archers enjoyed the rolling Monmouthshire countryside to artillery shoot at the marks. With a closer starting point for the lighter bows, after the heavier ones has loosed, the archers again competed together. As usual, the scoring was via the upshot whereby only the closest arrow scores. The highligh of the rove was watching the archer shooting the heaviest bow shoot a single plate-cutting war arrow in honour of Jim Hayes, a talented warbowyer and early strong supporter of Warbow Wales, who sadly is no longer able to shoot due to ill health. Another notable shot that needed no equivocation was Dave Hewitt's 200 yard bullseye on the clout! At the end 3 archers where tied and a final mark was shot as a tie breaker and Joe Gibbs deserved the win.

Warbow Wales would like to thank all of the archers and Brian & Ruth for making the Haf 2017 shoot so enjoyable.

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