Further reading

General History

The Journey Through Wales and the Description of Wales by Gerald of Wales Giraldus Cambrensis, B. Radice and L. Thorpe

Welsh Wars of Edward I (Medieval Military Library) by John E. Morris

Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle by Juliet Barker

Agincourt: A New History by Anne Curry

Owain Glyndwr: The Story of the Last Prince of Wales by Terry Breverton

Archaeology of Shipwrecks, Including: Mary Rose, USS Monitor, Newport Ship, Vasa (Ship), HMS Colossus (1787), Mahdia Shipwreck, Wreck of Rochelongue, by Hephaestus Books


Archery Specific History

Longbow: A Social and Military History by Robert Hardy

The English Longbowman, 1330-1515 (Warrior) by Clive Bartlett (Author), Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)

The Crooked Stick: A History of the Longbow by Hugh D.H. Soar

Secrets of the English Warbow by Hugh D.H. Soar

The Great Warbow: From Hastings to the Mary Rose by Robert Hardy and Matthew Strickland

The Medieval Archer by Jim Bradbury

Of Bowmen and Battles by Hugh Soar

Arrow Storm by Richard Wadge

THE BOW.- Some Notes on Its Origin and Development by Gad Rausing

Weapons of Warre: The Ordnance of the "Mary Rose": The Armaments of the Mary Rose edited by A. Hildred (This volume includes the archery equipment)

The Face Of Battle: A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo and the Somme by John Keegan

With a Bended Bow: Archery in Mediaeval and Renaissance Europe by Erik Roth

The Book of the Crossbow by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey

Archery Tackle Making

The Archer's Craft by Adrian Eliot Hodgkin

The Traditional Archers Handbook: A Practical Guid by Hilary Greenland

The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume’s 1,2,3 & 4, Various authors

The Heritage Of The Longbow by Pip Bickerstaffe (about making laminated longbows)


Historical Texts

The Master of Game (The Oldest English Book on Hunting) by Edward of Norwich

Toxophilus -The School of Shooting  by Roger Ascham

Illuminated manuscripts: Medieval hunting scenes ("The hunting book" by Gaston Phoebus) by Gabriel BISE