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Left is a contemporary image of Henry VIII shooting in the bow.  He was an expert archer and strong advocate of the efficacy of military archery.  At a meeting with King Francis I of France that took place from the 7th June to 24th June in 1520, known as the Field of the cloth of gold, Henry demonstrated his prowess with the longbow by repeatedly hitting his mark at bowshot, or 240 yards.  His personal tutor was Sir Roger Ascham, the first person in Britain to write a treatise on archery.  He amassed a vast arsenal of archery equipment and

re-iterated earlier edicts that enforced and encouraged archery practise.  

However, even Henry was unable to staunch the steady decline of the longbow as a viable military weapon.

Tudor Military Archery - Warbow Wales is delighted to have access to three excellent articles on Tudor archery by Jonathon Davies (Text copyright of J Davies)

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